The Cohasset Group (the “Group”) comprises a group of companies involved in:

  • General corporate advisory.
  • Construction and property development.  Project appraisal and management.
  • Capital raising primarily, though not solely within the construction and property development sectors.

The Core Companies are:

  1. Napier based Cohasset Group Limited, involved in corporate advisory within all sectors, and project management within the construction and property development sectors.
  1. Napier based Cabernet Capital Limited, involved in capital raising, primarily within the construction and property development sectors.
  1. By way of a strategic alliance, Hamilton based Wharepuni Developments Limited, and Luxwood Homes NZ Limited, companies involved solely in the construction of residential and light commercial units, throughout New Zealand and the Pacific, exclusively utilising a revolutionary, polymer structural panel construction system supplied by Luxwood Homes NZ Limited.

Aligned with Cabernet Capital are the Intelligent Building Systems group of companies, which undertake a variety of projects utilising the Luxwood building system.

Additionally, the Group frequently enters project specific joint ventures within the construction and property development sectors.

The Group’s head office is in Napier, New Zealand. Representative offices are also in Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, Wellington, Picton and Christchurch.

Personnel are assigned to projects on the basis of particular expertise, largely irrespective of location. The Group is able to call on a very wide range of professionals and contractors throughout New Zealand, thus benefiting from intensely loyal, enduring relationships built over decades, during both good times and bad.

The Group accepts assignments throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, in all industry sectors. Reflective of the Group’s roots, and the economy, more and more of its assignments are in the provinces.

Mid 2021 we shall post on this site, a video and photographic record of the construction of New Zealand’s first Luxwood polymer structural panel house, to be built by Wharepuni Developments Limited, in the highly attractive suburb of Brooklyn, Wellington. Comprising 170 square meters, over three floors constructed on a typically steep Wellington hill-side, this state-of-art, Homestar 7 build ideally demonstrates the superiority of the Luxwood system, and the excellent workmanship of Wharepuni personnel – all for less than $2,000 per square meter!!