Pou whenua at Blue Bay, protecting people in the adjacent ocean. Carved by a Mahia carver, Mana Cracknell, in consultation with Iwi.


Funky beach house
A very cool water colour 3D sketch of a client’s amazing beach house at the spectacular Mahia Peninsula – our favourite place in New Zealand. A Cohasset Group project.


Beach-front project, Gisborne
We are clever at designing places that are fun to live in. (Tatapouri, Gisborne). Embracing nature is key! A Cabernet Capital project.


Apartment & town-house project. Concept drawing
Korohiwa project, Eastbourne, Wellington. Hand-drawn elevation. A Cabernet Capital project involving Hutt City Council.


Luxwood polymer panel
Luxwood polymer panels installed in a residential build. Atop this wall pictured, three more levels of Luxwood panels can be stacked!


Transportable Luxwood home in factory
A Luxwood transportable social home under construction in our Hamilton factory. This home was later transported to site, via three swing-lift trucks. The total build time-frame was 1 month!


Residential, single level affordable Luxwood home
A single level, Luxwood social home under construction. We build all types, from a simple social/ affordable home such as this one, to five-star luxury homes.


5 star Luxwood bathroom
A typically impressive five-star bathroom in a custom-built, luxury Luxwood home.


Luxwood town-houses
Town-houses constructed using the Luxwood polymer system. Note also the high-quality aluminum joinery.


Luxwood light industrial complex
A light industrial, multi-level complex constructed using the Luxwood system. This photo demonstrates the load bearing & stacking capacity of the Luxwood polymer panels.


Luxwood Homes multi-storey apartment block
A multi-level apartment building constructed with the Luxwood polymer panel system. The entire structure comprises the Luxwood polymer panels, which are clearly visible.


Multi-store Luxwood build
A multi-level Luxwood luxury home under construction. All external and internal walls are constructed using the Luxwood polymer panels.


Road Blue Bay
Entrance way, Blue Bay project, Mahia Peninsula, Northern Hawkes Bay. An award winning Cabernet Capital project.


Wahi tapu memorial carving
A truly beautiful carving of a Kotuku (white heron), memorialising a wahi tapu site at Blue Bay, Mahia. A Cabernet Capital project.


Blue Bay wahi tapu carving
Tree of life carving memorialising a wahi tapu site at the Blue Bay project, Mahia, Hawkes Bay. Designed by local Mahia Iwi.