Notwithstanding that the Group’s core activities during the years have been within the property development and construction sectors, it has an impressive record of achievement in several other fields as diverse as the Family Court and tourism.

For example, Group personnel have achieved quite remarkable results for clients embroiled in bitter and stagnating Family Court proceedings, as a result of bypassing the solicitor on record to the extent of preparing and filing submissions directly, and imposing  deadlines and strategies on behalf of the client Рwhom often at this juncture, is so overwhelmed that such an intervention is both necessary and welcome.

The problem confronting solicitors operating in New Zealand’s often dysfunctional lower courts (in comparison, our experience is that the upper courts are very professional) is that they are bound by Court and Law Society rules, unable to, or afraid to act with robustness and forthrightness, often afraid to challenge the judiciary.

We are unconstrained by the Law Society rules of conduct, which restrict lawyers, and we are generally not fearful of biased and/ or incompetent lower court judges (there are many!). Consequently, we really don’t care about whom may be upset by our actions – always professional, nonetheless – in our pursuit of what is in our client’s best interest.

We accept that the claim to possess expertise in fields as diverse as the Family Court, and property development, may seem remarkable. However, we are indeed as clever and experienced in several fields as we claim. This experience has been earned, through good and hard times. It is very valuable and benefits our clients. Few professionals possess experience and skills as diverse as our personnel. Few are as willing to challenge the “system” as vigorously as we do.

Another example of our uniqueness and flexibility, is that we now assist several Iwi and hapu in relation to their papa kainga housing projects, from initial project appraisal, to providing the polymer panel construction system in which we have an interest (via Wharepuni Developments Ltd), to arranging associated funding.

This aspect of our Group services has evolved over the years of close involvement within Maoridom, based on mutual mana, and our embrace of kaupapa and tikanga, from the time our principal was a teenager on the Mahia Peninsula.

We believe that if we can assist Maori into building whare on the beautiful land to which they whakapapa, we have solved not only a problem facing Maori, but a social problem which blights Aotearoa. We think it is tragic that many Maori live in rental accommodation, unable to reach their potential, whilst having an interest in whenua within their rohe. Yet due to a lack of funding, and the cost of construction, they are unable to build on that whenua, thus providing a better life for their whanau. With our polymer panel construction system and its associated funding, we are making a real difference to lives!

We have been exposed to the above – and other opportunities – because our personnel are active in our communities, from surf life-saving, to rugby, to surfing, to moto-cross, to simply having fun around like-minded, good people. Our people enjoy life, are fit and healthy, love helping people, and are respected and liked in return.

We are good people, exceptionally good at what we do, making a difference in the country and communities we love. We are unique, and our methods may indeed challenge the status quo – but such an approach is exactly what is needed in order to navigate hurdles and achieve results.