The Cohasset Group Limited, formed by its founder, Craig Nisbet, in 1995, initially focused solely on Project Management and Advisory within the Construction and Property Development Sectors. It has morphed into a General Corporate Advisory Business engaged in the several fields in which its personnel have developed expertise over the years, via diverse business activities and life experience.

The fields in which the Cohasset Group Limited operates are:

  • Construction and property development project appraisal, utilising quantitative and qualitative techniques.
  • Construction and property development project valuation.
  • Project management within the property development and construction sectors.
  • Quantity surveying.
  • Costing and project appraisal within the plumbing, drain-laying, and roofing sectors.
  • Project accounting and cost accounting for construction and property development projects.

Corporate Advisory in All Sectors:

  • The provision of expert evidence for commercial disputes and insurance claims.
  • Business (all industries) valuation and sale, including the preparation of offer documents and subsequent negotiations.
  • On behalf of the client, instructing and assisting lawyers in the more commercial aspects of disputes in the construction and property development sectors.
  • Financial modelling.
  • The provision of expert evidence encompassing the above skills and experience, in the District and High Courts.
  • Managing on behalf of clients, from both a quantitative, accounting and finance perspective, and a legal perspective, civil and commercial disputes, and court proceedings. This is a role normally filled by a solicitor. When we are appointed to this role, it is generally because the client is dissatisfied with his or her solicitor, usually because the approach adopted by the solicitor is not sufficiently robust and commercial enough. Our appointment allows for a quite hard-nosed approach, free from the shackles of conduct imposed on lawyers by the Law Society, and to a lesser extent, judges.
  • Business turnaround management, whereby we assist a business in financial distress, by way of offering turnaround advice and strategies, including product costing and margin analysis, overhead management, negotiating with funders, debtor and creditor management, liaising with staff, mentoring, and good old-fashioned emotional support during a stressful time.  We accept turnaround management assignments only in respect of industries in which we have expertise, primarily construction and its associated sub-trades. (We never “fee chase”, nor purport to have non-demonstrable industry expertise).
  • Mentoring and general advisory, particularly in relation to the more commercial aspect of Family Court disputes and other such disputes.
  • Managing the disparate group of professionals engaged in a commercial dispute before (initially) the District Court, and (eventually) the High Court.
    • We fill gaps left by lawyers, particularly regarding the more commercial aspects of legal proceedings.
    • We have learned that the High Court and Court of Appeal judiciary is almost without exception, professional, objective, and refreshingly fair.

The origin of the company name, “Cohasset Group” is frequently asked. Cohasset is a beautiful town on the south shore of Boston Harbour, very near where some of our people lived for two summers whilst on their OE.