Wharepuni Developments

Wharepuni Developments Limited was formed specifically to undertake construction projects which utilise the polymer structural panel construction system supplied by Luxwood Homes NZ Limited.

The panel system known as “Luxwood” (https://luxwood.global/)) is CodeMark certified, and has undergone exhaustive testing in New Zealand and Australia. In addition to builds in New Zealand and Australia, the system is being installed, particularly in large social housing projects, in several southern African states.

Without any exaggeration whatsoever, the system is industry disruptive and revolutionary, arguably the best thing to happen to the New Zealand construction industry in decades, in terms of both price, and quality.

The average square meter build price utilising the system is NZ$1,800. This compares to the industry average pertaining to alternative systems and traditional build methodologies, of at least $2,400 per square meter.

In all cases, a Luxwood build will achieve a minimum Homestar rating of six. In most cases, seven is achievable.

The Group’s personnel have been involved in the evolution of the system and its customisation to New Zealand conditions since 2015. As New Zealand’s exclusive distributors and constructors of the Luxwood system, Luxwood Homes NZ Limited, and its associate, Wharepuni Developments Limited is very fortunate to be at the forefront of this truly remarkable industry revolution.

The Group’s hope is that the Luxwood system will indeed transform the New Zealand construction industry, challenging the existing suppliers, whom arguably enjoy monopolistic super profits. The social benefits are obvious. The Group is delighted to help Kiwis struggling to build affordably!

We are largely unaffected by the current nationwide severe shortage of building materials caused by a combination of  high demand, Covid related delays, and the Suez Canal temporary closure, because we have very little dependence on traditional New Zealand supply chains. In addition to continuity of supply advantages, we are therefore not at the mercy of the big New Zealand supply chains, thus unaffected by whatever price manipulation they may indulge in.

If you would like to learn more about Luxwood, including its applicability to your project, plus our aligned funding package, feel free to . We are currently engaged in several large projects.